My big failure

I poured countless hours along with my blood, sweat and tears into my small, local service business in Philadelphia for 10 years.

But every time I tried to expand and grow my business, my profit shrunk.

Every day my brain would be spinning trying to think of different ways to market my business and find new customers.

But 99% of what I tried failed.

And it always pulled me away from where I should have been focused - serving my current customers.

Looking back, I realized I should have focused on my absolute best customers. Serving them. Communicating with them. Making sure they were happy with my services. And earning referrals from them.

And setting up simple, automated systems for generating new leads and customers without wasting all of my energy on marketing (most of which didn't work).

By the time I realized what I should have focused on and how I could have grown my business - WITHOUT the sleepless nights - it was too late. My business failed. I ended my lease, sold off my equipment and donated the rest, and then spent the next few years in an identity crisis.

So where does that leave us?

Since then I made it my mission to understand what it is that successful small, local businesses do right that drives their success - and what separates them from those that have failed, who are barely scraping by, or are on a path to failure.

And to sum it up - the successful ones embrace perfecting their craft, serving their customers, and super simple marketing. They run from complexity and say no to shiny objects or "growth hacks".

And now today, I run yMultiply which I supposed you could call a "marketing agency for local businesses" that helps small business owners who want to grow their businesses with simple systems - not overwhelming, confusing, labor-intensive or brain-intensive marketing tactics that they aren't sure will actually work or not.

If you love your business and believe you offer something valuable to each of your customers, I would be honored if you reached out today so we can have a conversation about whether or not I can help you grow your business with simple marketing systems so you can lead your business to new heights while sleeping better at night because you're no longer overwhelmed, confused, and just plain tired of trying things that don't work.

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My story is above and now I'm on a mission to help local businesses and professionals who provide a valuable product or service to grow their businesses using simple marketing systems.


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